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Single paneled goodness. In full color. For a limited time only. Restrictions may apply. Ask your doctor if using this comic is right for you. Void where prohibited. Results may vary. Call your doctor if you experience laughs lasting longer than four hours. Pregnant women should not even be reading this description. Do not read this comic while driving. Side effects include, but are not limited to, drowsiness, headaches, diarrhea, and, in some cases, death. Always read responsibly. (Updates Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday!)

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October 13th, 2007, 8:25 pm


Obviously, It isn't working. No new comics for weeks. WEEKS. I am seriously tempted to make my own, and post them. They would be stick figures. Pretty stick figures. Seriously, I have no artistic talent. It's kinda like watching a beetle trying to right itself. Yeah, that bad. Soooo.... I will only do that when there is nothing else. NOTHING ELSE. Then I will try and take on in awesomeness. Pretty amazing eh?

October 1st, 2007, 8:50 pm


It seems that we have had a lag. This is the "Co-Author" coming in. We have been busy doing school work these last few days and so we haven't put a comic up. That, plus the fact that I cannot draw, means nothing knew is up at the moment, and the author has run out of sketches. The solution? Yell at the teachers to stop giving us homework. Hopefully, we can get back into this, but our Author is of the pessimistic type, and doesn't believe this comic really matters. "No one reads it anyways." Well, I do, and I know a few others do. Heck, if you Google "Virtruvia" you get this comic. So beat that! But, in the meanwhile, please be patient, and hopefully I can convince him that comics are more important than school. ;)

September 19th, 2007, 3:09 pm


I've been very busy with homework, actual work, and what appears to be the common cold for the past few days, so I will not have a comic up tomorrow. I'll put up one of my old sketches for your viewing pleasure however. Thanks for understanding.

September 14th, 2007, 9:22 pm

No comic Sunday likely.

It's likely that I won't have a comic up for Sunday. I have another sketch for tomorrow though.

September 9th, 2007, 9:35 pm

The geek has a blog.

It's true. Wayfarer now has a blog ( Read it. Love it. Give feedback.

September 7th, 2007, 9:44 pm

Reader Survey

Hey, just because I can, I want to get a general idea of how many people read this comic. If you read this news post, would you please be so kind as to leave a comment on it and say "Hey, I read this comic. I check it every BLAHday" or something along those lines. Thanks!

September 7th, 2007, 3:24 pm


In order to keep the site interesting, I've decided to start uploading sketches regularly. They won't be coming in on a set schedule like the comics (still Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday). Instead, they'll update at midnight the day after I finish them. For example, there'll be one for tomorrow. Check them out. Leave feedback.

September 5th, 2007, 7:17 pm

"Filler" and sketch tomorrow

Tomorrow has a "filler" comic (I'll explain in the Author's Comment) and a sketch to supplement it. Sorry for any inconvenience this would've caused the estimated four viewers of this page.

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