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Single paneled goodness. In full color. For a limited time only. Restrictions may apply. Ask your doctor if using this comic is right for you. Void where prohibited. Results may vary. Call your doctor if you experience laughs lasting longer than four hours. Pregnant women should not even be reading this description. Do not read this comic while driving. Side effects include, but are not limited to, drowsiness, headaches, diarrhea, and, in some cases, death. Always read responsibly. (Updates Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday!)

About The Authors

The Authors of this comic bring you this page. About the Authors.

Who would have thought?

     At first I was going to make this blurb about the author very uninformative and worthless. I would have made it so you were ashamed even to have read this. But then I realized, that I had already done this in a myriad of other articles that I have written, and it was really getting old. Thus being so, you may actually find this useful.

     Or, if you look at the cat, maybe you won't find this so useful. My name is Athena, I live a quite nice life. At home, my master loves me a lot, but he is constantly at work, so I have nothing to do all day. Haha, well, I decided to start writing and drawing, and look what I have come up with. Pretty cool, eh? Let's see, I love hanging out with my friends, and playing games. I also like food. Although it usually is always this same old stuff. I want steak, or venison maybe. Something good. You humans get it, why can't I?

     I live in the United States. I won't get into the politics and crap here, that is not the case. What I do enjoying doing (going into further detail here) is playing GURPS and Magic. I also like watching my friends LARP (Live Action Role Playing). You can image three or four cats all running at each other pretending to be some great Mountain Lion or something. Yeah, it's pretty insane. Kind of like me. Kinda.

     The last thing I should mention is that there is another cat helping me out with this comic. Her name is Ilsa, and she lives close by. She is the techy around here. But I will let her do all that explaining. Introducing, my Co-Author.


     Alright, now it is my turn to have fun talking. Athena took most of the fun. My name is Wayfarer. Hey, don't give me that look. I know it isn't my real name, but I hate my real name.


     Okay, so I don't hate my real name. But not having cool code names just wouldn't be as awesome. I mean, she isn't really called Athena! But whatever. I live near Athena, and I am the techy around here. I am the person who does all the work on this site. Athena just sits around all day and works on the comics. I mean, how hard could THAT be. This is soooo much better.

     I spend much of my time on the computer. In fact, the first three of my lives have been spent already. They died of either old age, or computer related accidents. It was pretty sick, to say the least. I play many online games which slowly suck my life away. I also love sailing, and hanging out with my boyfriend. Err... that sounds awkward.

     Anyways, if you want anything done around here, contact me. I have many things to rant about, but this is not the place. One day I may post my email address, but that would only be when this comic is well known. Which it will be. And that would have been by my efforts. Remember that.

Wayfarer Out.


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